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Teacher Education Institute

WRC, NCTE recognized institution's Information  
1. Application Form for NCTE Recognition
2. Land & Building Facilities 
3. Staff Profile
4. Recognition Letters of all courses
5. Sanctioned Programmes along with The annual intake
6. Faculty and Staff (Approved By University)
Faculty Details As Per PAR NCTE 2020-21 (Updated) 
7. Faculty left or joined during the last quarter

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8. Admitted Student List All Courses (Session : 2023-24)
WELCOME TO PRE P.T.E.T.-2023_page-0001.jpg
WELCOME TO PRE P.T.E.T.-2023_page-0002.jpg
WELCOME TO PRE P.T.E.T.-2023_page-0003.jpg
WELCOME TO PRE P.T.E.T.-2023_page-0003.jpg
9. Fee Charged from student
10. Facilities Added during the last quarter

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11. Library Facilities
12. Norms & Standard

1. Permanent NOC by State Government.

2. Affiliated to Jai Narain Vyas Univerisry, Jodhpur

3. Recognized by NCTE New Delhi

Financial Status

13. Balance sheet as on the last date of the financial year (2022-23)
14. Income & Expenditure account for the financial year (2022-23)
Income & Expences1.jpg
Income & Expences2.jpg
15. Receipt & Payment account for the financial year (2022-23)
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